History of the “Goldenen Fass”

The young Freudenberger innkeeper Georg Kleider moved to Würzburg in the early 20th century and bought the guesthouse for the White Mosque on Semmelstrasse.
He rebuilt it and renovated extensively and
the house was opened under the present name “Zum Goldenenes Fass”. He ran it as a dining restaurant with guest rooms.
The pretentious innkeeper had insisted on expressing his displeasure with the Hitler government, and so in the 1940s the Gestapo violently ended the era of Georg Kleider.

Until the destruction on 16.03.1945 the golden barrel was led by his wife and daughter-in-law. All sons were involved in the war.

The returnee Wilhelm Kleider built in the following years, the house in a present state again and operated it again as an inn.

In 1971, his son Jürgen Kleider took over the restaurant together with his wife Gisela and created one of the first addresses for gourmets in Germany, before there were stars.

In 1996 the hotel was completely renovated and given its present structure.